Obstetric fistula data collected in the HMIS database

Obstetric fistula data collected in the HMIS database

Obstetric fistula data collected in the HMIS database

The inclusion of obstetric fistula (OF) data on prevention, diagnosis, treatment (i.e. surgical, medical, and psychosocial care), and reintegration services in a country’s existing health management information system (HMIS).

Data Requirement(s):

OF data included in the HMIS database and reported for one or more time points. The indicator may be further stratified by country region if the HMIS is operationally decentralized and separate systems exist autonomously at the regional level.

HMIS database

This indicator intends to measure whether the health information data system includes reporting on OF cases. Inclusion of OF data reporting in the HMIS indicates a move toward more standardized reporting of diagnosed and treated OF cases and the tracking of OF information from facility and/or program levels to the national level.

The minimum data reported are the number of OF patients who received treatment over a given period of time. However, the more OF data is reported and included in the HMIS database, the more information is available about the overall burden of morbidity that exists in the country from this medical condition, which can have positive implications for policy development and advocacy efforts.  Furthermore, the inclusion of OF data in the HMIS can streamline the commodity security and logistics cycle and avoid potential stockouts of essential medicines and supplies to treat and care for OF patients.

Data may be reported for one or more, but not for all regions in the country.  Also, hospitals frequently report to different parts of the ministry of health within the national health information system.  For example, data on OF prevention are reported separately from data on treatment. This variation in location of reporting can affect how or if specific hospital data will reach the HMIS and how policy makers use the data.

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