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Mothers wait to vaccinate their babies. © 2013, Dominic Chavez/World Bank 1


USAID’s Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy (MSNS 2014–2025) was developed to guide and inform nutrition policies and programs in both humanitarian and development contexts to improve economic productivity, resilience, and overall nutritional status to save lives. D4I conducted an assessment to understand how countries used USAID’s MSNS to design, implement, and monitor nutrition interventions. Five focus countries were included—Bangladesh, Mali, Nepal, Rwanda, and Uganda—representing a range of environmental, economic, and cultural contexts to highlight both country-specific experiences and the broader story of MSN programming.

Assessment of the USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy
D4I has conducted a second assessment for the USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy in 5 countries, including Mali, with featured a revised methodology to provide more in-depth information about achieving strategic objectives and intermediate results.
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