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Educating and Empowering Mothers in Rwanda. 2014, Global Communities/Juozas Cernius 1


In Rwanda, D4I’s work includes mixed methods techniques to assess and evaluate programs and the social service work force, plus supporting capacity building to generate and use data, including enhancing information systems. The activities cover a wide array of sectors including child protection and care, social service, nutrition, and child development. The activities focus on promoting nurturing and responsive care practices, especially in the areas of health, nutrition, and early childhood development for caregivers and children in Rwanda.  

Strengthening Quality Routine Data for Child Protection and Care
D4I supports the National Child Development Agency to strengthen capacity to review and use child protection data and to enhance evidence generation through development of data management systems to achieve child protection and welfare outcomes.
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Assessment of the Social Service Workforce
D4I has conducted assessments of social service workforce strengthening activities in Armenia, Cambodia, and Rwanda. These assessments aim to understand how technical support contributed to critical components of the workforce for effective social service provision.
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Assessment of the USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy
D4I has conducted a second assessment for the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy in Rwanda including a revised methodology to provide more in-depth information about achieving strategic objectives and intermediate results.
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Rwanda Integrated Nutrition and Early Childhood Development (INECD) Evaluation
D4I represented a wide array of mixed methods technical expertise in Rwanda and supported the development of a study protocol to evaluate the Rwanda Integrated Nutrition and Early Childhood Development outcomes.
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