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Visit to USAID-supported President’s Malaria Initiative site in Cambodia. 2016 Richard Nyberg/USAID 1


D4I is strengthening child protection and care within Cambodia through the support of social service activities, provision of training in monitoring, and the assessment of programmatic outcomes. This includes developing tools and allocating resources, with special attention on measuring progress, supporting monitoring and evaluation training, and strengthening the digital competency of the social service workforce. 

Global Goods for Strengthening Country Measurement of Child Protection and Care
D4I has conducted a technical assessment of the Case Management Information System (CMIS) used by the Government of Cambodia and other child protection partners to track case management and generate child protection data.
Assessment of the Social Service Workforce
D4I has conducted assessments of social service workforce strengthening activities in Armenia, Cambodia, and Rwanda. These assessments aim to understand how technical support contributed to critical components of the workforce for effective social service provision.

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