For Missions

For Missions

Engaging D4I enables organizations to draw on the technical and administrative resources of a global, centrally funded institution. It provides an avenue to funding and allows countries to tackle projects in health and other sectors where they do not yet have full capacity for independent implementation.

D4I has technical expertise and organizational capacity to work with local implementers to help strengthen the skills that will enable them to become direct recipients of awards from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

D4I works alongside partners and USAID missions to identify the most efficient and innovative ways to meet a wide range of information needs—with the goal that partners will be able to meet the same information need independently in the future.

D4I provides the following benefits:

  • Structure for quick engagement
  • Access to global technical resources and experiences
  • Learning and best practices from other countries
  • Expertise to adapt knowledge for specific country contexts

To get started:

Contact D4I’s USAID Agreement Officer Representative,
Lily Kak:

Award number: 7200AA18LA00008