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Promote Data Use

D4I facilitates the use of data for decision making by helping partners with the visualization and communication of evidence in ways that are compelling, user-friendly, and actionable. The project’s approach is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our partners, ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right people in a timely and usable format. D4I uses accessible data visualization techniques to enhance data use. The project supports techniques to automate data analysis and graphics to produce dashboards and tools to help with knowledge translation. 

Locally-led research can be a sustainable solution to identify best practices in health and improve health outcomes. D4I funded four small grants to promote research capacity by giving local research groups in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Nigeria the support to investigate local information needs. Results from these studies were disseminated to stakeholders to inform and influence policies and programs.   

Key Publications

Conceptualizing and Measuring Data Use: A Review of Assessments and Tools
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