Review of CTC Analytics Data Use at Site Level in Tanzania

Review of CTC Analytics Data Use at Site Level in Tanzania
Abstract: The Data for Impact (D4I) project in Tanzania, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has been leading efforts in conducting site-level intensive monitoring visits for HIV and TB service delivery to determine if sites are meeting service quality standards and to make recommendations for corrective action at the site level based on the assessments.

Despite significant investments in this quality improvement process, performance challenges persist in key HIV focus areas, such as under target service delivery, inadequate follow-up, and lack of documentation. These gaps can be attributed to a lack of accountability mechanisms to track implementation of prioritized action items, stakeholders’ inability to triangulate information across multiple information systems, and a lack of access to real-time analyses and visualizations at the site level. Recognizing these performance limiting factors, the D4I team has proposed to enhance accountability mechanisms by facilitating the use of data and demand creation through supporting facility staff in reviewing the data, developing data guidance tools for site-level data use and analytics, and strengthening capacity of the site Quality Improvement Teams. Empowering facility staff to understand and utilize data to inform decisions will help to improve performance.

Recently, USAID/Tanzania engaged the University of California, San Francisco to develop a new platform to help sites to better view their performance data via an online platform called Care and Treatment Center (CTC) Analytics. According to the user’s manual, this is a “web-based system whose main objective is to facilitate timely reporting, analysis, and use of HIV Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) indicators to improve service delivery at the care and treatment clinic. The system was built to analyze and generate reports using two streams of data: (1) data uploaded by users, and (2) data analyzed by CTC Analytics, which are read from the CTC 2 Export for Analysis file.”

To better understand the application of the CTC Analytics platform to data use strategies at the site level, a trip was conducted by the D4I field team and a consultant to assess data use at the site level in discussion with facility staff during site monitoring visits. This report summarizes the outcomes from these assessments. The information obtained during the activity was used to develop a set of recommendations aimed at increasing the availability and use of real-time site-level data to improve the quality-of-service provision.
Shortname: TR-23-519 D4I
Author(s): Data for Impact
Year: 2023
Language: English
Region(s): TANZANIA
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