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Infant surrounded by protective malaria bed net in Ghana. © 2010 Arne Hoel/The World Bank 1


D4I is collaborating with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to strengthen the gender competency of family planning providers. Building upon formative work by the USAID-supported HRH2030 project, D4I is scaling up use of the Gender Competency Self-Assessment Tool for Family Planning Providers and eLearning course. D4I developed and piloted the provider self-assessment tool in Ghana and Uganda. Then, GHS requested D4I’s support to assess how to integrate the tool and course into national training for providers to help them overcome gender-related challenges. Ongoing analysis of implementation outcomes will inform scale-up by GHS.

D4I has also improved child welfare through technical support for a social welfare information management system within the country. 

Provider Self-Assessment Tool to Measure Gender Competency for Family Planning Services
D4I has worked in Ghana and Uganda to integrate existing training about gender competency into pre-service training and supportive supervision for family planning providers through the development of a gender competency self-assessment tool.
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