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Practice group during qualitative analysis training in Nigeria. ©2022 Milissa Markiewicz/Data for Impact

Strengthen local capacity

D4I’s objective is to increase the capacity of local actors for rigorous evaluation in countries where USAID works. D4I implements activities in partnership with local institutions to generate evidence, ensure data quality, integrate gender, and promote data use. The project works to ensure that its capacity strengthening approach is aligned with USAID’s Local Capacity Strengthening Policy, including mutuality and a focus on local systems and performance improvement. 

The project incorporates intentional, demand-driven processes that start with understanding local systems and the roles that local actors play. This involves empowering countries to plan, identify, and implement solutions to their own development challenges and fostering the technical capacity of individuals and organizations. D4I employs a variety of methods to promote experiential learning, including joint activity implementation, mentoring, and training, and connects partners to networks and communities of practice. 

D4I also supports countries in establishing and managing child protection and alternative care policies and programs.

Key Publications

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