Our Mission

Data for Impact (D4I), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), supports countries to generate and use high-quality data to improve their programs, policies, and—ultimately—health outcomes. D4I also strengthens the technical and organizational capacity of country partners to collect, analyze, and use data to support their sustainable development.

Our Work

Generate Evidence

Use routine and other existing data and generate new data through rigorous methods tailored to budget, timeline, and context

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Integrate Gender

Integrate gender throughout the project to ensure high-quality data for assessment of health and gender outcomes

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Strengthen Capacity

Strengthen capacity through fostering collaboration, experimental learning, mentoring, and peer networks tailored to partner’s needs

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Promote Data Usage

Visualize and communicate data in ways that are compelling, user-friendly, and actionable

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Ensure Data Quality

Focus on ensuring high-quality data for effective decision making and program outcome improvement

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Encourage collaboration, improved results, and timely progress updates through idea exchange and shared learning

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D4I by the Numbers


or evaluations completed


New, innovative
methods and capacity
strengthening materials developed


Local country partner
supported and engaged


with strengthened capacity to use or assess available data or conduct assessments

Where We Work

We go wherever stakeholders need to use their information for actionable evidence.