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The goal of D4I’s work in Uganda is to foster improved processes, information systems, and coordination of staff and resources for monitoring progress on care reform. To achieve this goal, D4I is working alongside the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development (MGLSD), USAID/Uganda, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and USAID-funded implementing partners to strengthen the collection, management, and use of quality routine data. D4I is also supporting the MGLSD to roll out standard indicators and M&E guidelines for alternative care, to identify priorities for a case management information system, and to build a culture of data demand and use for alternative care in Uganda.  

Strengthening Quality Routine Data for Alternative Care
D4I strengthens the capacity of the MGLSD by improving the collection, management, and use of quality routine data on children in alternative care. Activities include data review and use training, mentorship, and supportive supervision. D4I has also conducted geographical mapping of children’s homes and supported MGLSD to plan safe and sustainable family care solutions for children in Unapproved Children’s Homes.
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Assessment of the USAID Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy
D4I has conducted a second assessment for the Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy in Uganda including a revised methodology to provide more in-depth information about achieving strategic objectives and intermediate results.
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Provider Self-Assessment Tool to Measure Gender Competency for Family Planning Services
D4I has worked in Ghana and Uganda to integrate existing training into pre-service training and supportive supervision for family planning providers, through the development of a gender competency self-assessment tool. This work was in collaboration with USAID Ghana, Ghana Health Services, and Pathfinder’s Family Planning Activity in Uganda.
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Global Goods: Strengthening Country Measurement of Child Protection and Care
In collaboration with USAID, UNICEF, country governments and implementers, D4I is supporting the development and dissemination of guidance, tools and approaches to measuring child care and protection systems strengthening at the country, regional and global levels.

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