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Clinic in Bunyakiri. 2015 Morgana Wingard/USAID

Democratic Republic of the Congo

D4I is conducting a mixed methods evaluation for USAID/Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to investigate the effectiveness of the Integrated Health Project (IHP) on leadership and governance, service readiness, service delivery, and community health. The work includes a performance evaluation, conducted using data from health facility assessments and qualitative data collected at all levels of the health system. It also includes an impact evaluation using data from the DRC’s routine health information system (DHIS2) to estimate if changes in healthy behaviors and health outcomes were attributable to the USAID IHP.

The evaluation is a partnership with the Kinshasa School of Public Health (KSPH). In addition to learning via collaborative implementation of the evaluation with D4I, KSPH and D4I are implementing a coordinated set of evaluation capacity strengthening interventions based upon a baseline needs assessment. 

D4I has also assessed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected health service utilization within the county and conducted three stand-alone studies to contribute to USAID IHP’s learning agenda.  

Evaluation of the USAID/DRC Integrated Health Project
D4I is conducting a mixed methods impact and performance evaluation, in collaboration with the KSPH, to determine the effectiveness of USAID IHP’s interventions designed to strengthen health systems in the DRC.
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Assessing COVID-19’s Impact on Health Services in the DRC
D4I used DHIS2 data to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic affected health service utilization. Analytical models were used to estimate what health service utilization would have been in the absence of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, the DRC, and Uganda.
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