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Pause-and-reflect session with data collectors. 2023 Almetsehay Sisay/Jimma University


D4I has implemented two activities in Ethiopia. D4I conducted a baseline and midline evaluation of the Packard Foundation-funded My Forest, My Livelihood, My Family (FUTURES) project implemented by CARE Ethiopia and consortium partners in the Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve region of southwestern Oromia, through an integrated, multisectoral approach with a focus on women and youth. The FUTURES evaluation, funded by USAID, was implemented by D4I in collaboration with local research partner Jimma University. The evaluation aimed to understand the impact of the program on key reproductive health, agricultural, livelihood and conservation behavioral outcomes. 

D4I also conducted an endline evaluation of USAID/Ethiopia’s Private Health Sector Project’s (PHSP) successes and challenges in strengthening the private health care system and increasing access to services in key health services. Amidst the COVID-19 environment, D4I engaged a local research firm experienced in remote data collection methods. 

Evaluation of the FUTURES Program
D4I conducted an evaluation of and provided MEL support to the FUTURES program, an integrated development project in the Yayu Biosphere region of Oromia, Ethiopia funded by the Packard Foundation.
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USAID Private Health Sector Project Endline Evaluation
D4I has evaluated the USAID/Ethiopia Private Health Sector Project’s (PHSP) achievements, challenges, and sustainability of strengthening the private health sector in managing program implementation and service delivery of maternal and child health, tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.
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