The Data for Impact Team

Data for Impact (D4I) is an associate award of MEASURE Evaluation, which closed in 2020. We work in low-resource settings, applying innovative analytic methods that use existing data and new data for policy and programmatic decision making. D4I is led by a team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) through the Carolina Population Center.

Work With Us

UNC, in partnership with Palladium, ICF, John Snow, Inc. (JSI), and Tulane University, is a consortium with 25 years of experience through MEASURE Evaluation. We work to strengthen local capacity to generate and use high-quality health data for strategic decisions on health policy and programming at local, regional, and national levels. D4I draws on the technical expertise that exists in each partner organization and an extensive network of local organizations in USAID’s priority countries.

UNC Team
Erin Luben
D4I Acting Director
Jessica Fehringer
D4I Associate Director
Partner Team Leads
Cristina de la Torre
Kate Gilroy
John Snow Inc. (JSI)
Molly Cannon
Eva Silvestre
Tulane University