Number of vasectomies performed

Number of vasectomies performed

Number of vasectomies performed

The number of male sterilizations, i.e., “vasectomies,” that have been performed within a given time frame. Data should be collected continuously at the facility level and should be aggregated periodically (e.g., monthly or quarterly) for use at the local level.

Data Requirement(s):

Type of vasectomy (nonscalpel or conventional) and location of procedure (e.g., private facility, public facility, or community-based event)

This indicator can be also be disaggregated by age (of patient) and geographic location.

Service delivery statistics and program records

This output indicator tracks vasectomy service delivery. It can be a reliable measure for effectiveness of provider trainings in vasectomy and interventions to improve quality standards at facilities to provide permanent family planning methods.

This indicator assesses the number of vasectomies recorded in health facilities (versus in informal settings, such as a vasectomy camp), which should be performed according to national standards. However, unless the evaluator is observing the procedures to assess compliance with national standards, the standard of care can only be assumed.

family planning, long-acting/permanent methods (LAPM), male engagement