Number of linked messages/materials created

Number of linked messages/materials created

Number of linked messages/materials created

Each new communication material, such as an advertisement, video, or educational book, counts as a “created” message. Materials that demonstrate and educate about the connections between population, health, and environment are considered linked messages.

Data Requirement(s):

Verification (typically on a quarterly basis) that a message has been created that examines a linkage between better human health and environmental quality.

Project records

Population-health-environment (PHE) programs often create messages to communicate PHE linkages.  This process indicator is meant to capture the creation of those messages that are cross-sectoral and are meant to communicate the interdependence of human health and the natural environment.

Determining whether the message is linked could be subjective. This indicator does not give information about whether the linked messages were adopted, disseminated, or where they appeared. The indicator does not show whether the messages were clear and of high quality, or whether they reached the target audiences.

population-health-environment (PHE), integration, communication

Finn T. “A Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating Population-Health-Environment Programs.” USAID and MEASURE Evaluation, 2007.

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