Percent of annual objectives achieved by the organization

Percent of annual objectives achieved by the organization

Percent of annual objectives achieved by the organization

Programs or organizations set annual planning objectives at the beginning of the annual planning period and document them in an annual operational plan. Annual objectives should explicitly link to the broader strategic objectives and be achievable within the annual framework. They can include quantifiable outputs (e.g., number of HIV clients counseled) to higher-level outcomes involving behavioral or procedural change (e.g., new ways of tapping into funding sources or improved monitoring techniques).

This indicator is calculated as:

(Number of annual objectives achieved (or exceeded) by the organization / Total number of annual objectives set by the organization) x 100

An alternative indicator is, Capacity to reach annual objectives. The facilitator (evaluator) assigns a score from 0-3 for each objective, as follows.

Objective  Score

There are no stated objectives


Objectives partially met 1
Objectives met 2
Objectives exceeded 3

This alternative indicator is calculated as the mean score across all objectives.

Data Requirement(s):

List of all annual planning objectives; individual scores for each objective.

Annual planning document; organizational strategy or other multi-annual planning document; semi-annual and/ or annual progress reports (e.g., to stakeholders); assessment by external evaluator or internal facilitator

This indicator provides a “results-oriented” measure of program or organizational planning performance. It is based on the premise that the overarching measure of good management and leadership is whether or not the organization achieves its stated objectives.

The recommended measure for this indicator can only provide a general picture of overall functioning of the organization; the evaluator will require further in-depth analysis of the reasons for failing to obtain stated objectives.


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