Case Management Information Systems for Child Protection and Care: Data for Impact Presents the CMIS Assessment, Planning and Governance Toolkits

Case Management Information Systems for Child Protection and Care: Data for Impact Presents the CMIS Assessment, Planning and Governance Toolkits

In September 2021, Data for Impact (D4I) held a one-hour webinar introducing two toolkits for strengthening implementation and governance of case management information systems (CMIS) for child protection and care. The webinar was led by D4I’s Stuardo Herrera and Rose Nzyoka and was moderated by Meg Langley.

Government agencies that specialize in child protection require reliable case management data to address the needs of vulnerable children and to support the case management decision-making process. To achieve this end, stakeholders can employ CMIS to ensure that caseworkers supporting children have the tools and resources needed to perform the case management functions. A CMIS addresses a range of highly sensitive child protection and care needs, which helps assess the services available and who provides them at what level. D4I has created two toolkits that governments can use to strengthen implementation and oversight of their CMIS, which will be the focus of this webinar.

The first is the CMIS assessment and planning tool. This comprehensive tool is designed to improve the capacity of governments to evaluate digital systems to support child protection and care case management activities and assess potential for scaling up and achieving long-term sustainability. It provides a thorough guide for government agencies to identify the gaps and needs of case management systems through an organizational self-assessment, followed by a set of questionnaires to evaluate solutions. The tool provides a starting point for the thinking behind the implementation or selection of a CMIS platform.

The second is a governance tool to guide governments in considering the aspects of oversight and management of a CMIS. The tool includes a CMIS governance framework and a step-by-step process that government officials can follow to adapt the framework to their needs and context, including a CMIS maturity model that will help them to assess and determine the maturity of their CMIS and develop a road map to mature their CMIS.

Watch the webinar recording.

Webinar Presenters

Stuardo Herrera is an Information Systems Specialist with more than ten years of experience implementing technology for international development. He has worked for public institutions and international organizations, such as USAID and World Bank, developing digital solutions for child protection, education, and health in Central America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. He is the informatics team lead of the D4I project, overseeing CMIS and child protection digital strategy development.

Rose Nzyoka, MSc, is currently Country Representative, Kenya. She is a seasoned development practitioner with more than 21 years managing development projects in various capacities in Kenya, South Sudan, Zambia, and Eswatini working with ministries of health and with funding from USAID, CDC, UNICEF, Helen Keller Foundation, and others. She has great interest in health information system (HIS) governance and has supported HIS governance efforts in Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, and Eswatini. She is a digital specialist and believes in the power of data to transform organizations and communities.

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