Case Management Information Systems Assessment Toolkit

Case Management Information Systems Assessment Toolkit
Citation: Data for Impact (D4I). (2021). Case Management Information Systems Assessment Toolkit. Washington, DC, USA: USAID and D4I.
Abstract: The Case Management Information Systems (CMIS) Assessment and Planning Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit designed to improve the capacity of governments to evaluate digital systems to support child protection and care case management activities and assess their potential for scaling up and achieving long-term sustainability. It provides a thorough guide for government agencies to identify the gaps and needs of case management systems through an organizational self-assessment, followed by a set of questionnaires to evaluate solutions. The toolkit provides a starting point for the thinking behind the implementation or selection of a CMIS platform.

The toolkit can also be used by NGOs and donor organizations who would seek to understand the utility and functionality of existing CMIS solutions in a specific context.

The outcomes of the self-assessment process will help project teams to determine if the technology or CMIS platform(s) being evaluated aligns with the country’s priorities, resources, and local context in order to plan their next steps.

Access the related CMIS Governance Guidelines and an interactive Excel version of the CMIS Assessment.

Watch a webinar on the toolkit.
Shortname: tl-21-91-D4I
Author(s): Data for Impact
Year: 2021
Language: English