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Since 2020, D4I has partnered with Moldova’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MOLSP), National Social Assistance Agency, Territorial Social Assistance Structures, universities, and technical colleges to promote a culture of data use for positive outcomes for children in adversity. D4I provides technical assistance, grants, and equipment to enhance the capacity of national and sub-national authorities in data collection, analysis, and use, thereby informing evidence-based decisions for children in adversity and other vulnerable groups.  

D4I supports MOLSP’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis by integrating data-driven decision making into strategic planning and emergency response. In 2023, two Data Review Rooms were established to support the Stefan Voda rayon, MOLSP, and partners in assisting over 100,000 refugees within Moldova’s borders with humanitarian aid, accommodations, cash allowances, and basic services.  

Children in Adversity in Moldova
D4I collaborates with the Moldova Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to strengthen data collection systems. D4I works with MOLSA and its partners at national and subnational levels to collect, analyze, and use data to generate a positive impact on children in adversity within Moldova.
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Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Moldova
D4I is supporting the government to respond to the refugee crisis and to ensure essential services are provided to both refugees and Moldovan citizens. D4I is gathering high quality data and supporting the review and use of data to inform government decisions.
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