Strengthening Local Capacity in Monitoring and Evaluation in Moldova

Strengthening Local Capacity in Monitoring and Evaluation in Moldova
Abstract: There are 37 Territorial Social Assistance Structures (TSAS) in Moldova. TSAS are specialized local bodies with the mission to improve the quality of life of individuals and families by providing support to prevent, reduce or overcome adversity and promote social inclusion. They are also important producers of data on social assistance, reporting on beneficiaries to the central and district governments and other stakeholders. Following an assessment of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity in 2020, TSAS have been developing and implementing an M&E capacity strengthening plan with support from D4I. The results of the assessment showed that, despite a continuously increasing demand for data from different users, TSAS have faced challenges in assuring data quality as well as in the analysis and use of these data to inform decision-making, e.g., limited expertise with available software for basic analyses and data visualization, challenges in formulating performance indicators, and confusion between data reporting and data use.

To address these challenges, D4I developed an M&E training curriculum and conducted training programs for all TSAS staff. The project also provided mentoring to 25 priority TSAS and their partners from education, health, and public safety sectors, whose service area covered 74% of the population of Moldova.
Shortname: FS-23-646
Author(s): Camelia Gheorge, Viorica Toartă
Year: 2023
Language: English