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Adolescent panel at the Bangladesh Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019-2020 dissemination event. © 2021 Data for Impact

Integrate Gender

Gender equality is critical to achieving global public health goals. That’s why D4I prioritizes gender integration throughout the project to ensure sufficient high-quality data are available to assess the gender and health outcomes of programs and to guide decision making at all levels.

D4I’s solutions-oriented technical support applies a gender lens when determining data needs, articulating study questions, designing and implementing studies, visualizing data, encouraging data use, and assessing and strengthening local capacity. D4I works closely with local partners to strengthen their capacity to do the same. By using a gender lens, D4I ensures that the needs, realities, and participation of women and men, boys and girls, and gender non-conforming or LGBTQIA+ persons are considered by all parties involved.  

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