Bangladesh Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019-2020 (Dataset)

Bangladesh Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019-2020 (Dataset)
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Citation: Data for Impact, 2021, "Bangladesh Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Survey (BAHWS) 2019-2020",, UNC Dataverse, V3, UNF:6:U9g4hPQBPzsc0YUrqcI/LA== [fileUNF] 
Abstract: This dataset is available through UNC Dataverse. To download the data, click the link and use the “Access Dataset” option or select and download individual files under the File tab.  

The primary objective of the Bangladesh Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Survey (BAHWS) 2019-20 was to examine and better understand the state of health and wellbeing of male and female adolescents ages 15-19 years in the country. The survey was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 72,800 households, and 67,093 households (98%) were successfully interviewed. A total of 4,926 ever-married female (97% response rate), 7,800 unmarried female (94% response rate), and 5,523 unmarried male (85% response rate) adolescents ages 15-19 were successfully interviewed from the selected households using three types of individual questionnaires (ever-married female adolescents, unmarried female adolescents, and unmarried male adolescents) that were piloted before data collection began. Data collection occurred in five phases, with each phase taking approximately four weeks to complete. Data collection started on July 25, 2019 and was completed on January 10, 2020.
Shortname: DS-21-003 D4I
Author(s): Data for Impact
Year: 2021
Language: English