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YeAnati Tenakela Health Post, Ethiopia. © 2023 Data for Impact

Generate Evidence

At the core of D4I’s mission is generating evidence to inform program and policy decision making. To achieve this, D4I partners with USAID missions and local implementing partners to identify and prioritize information needs. D4I begins by gaining a clear understanding of the research question or need and then tailors the methods to suit the budget, timeline, and context. D4I uses existing data sources such as routine health data, surveys, and studies, in addition to nontraditional data from sources like weather and satellite data or non-health sectors to supplement findings. D4I has a range of technical resources for using routine data in evaluations. When new data is required or evaluations are necessary, D4I employs innovative, rigorous, and efficient methods and tools. The project conducts process, outcome, impact, and economic evaluations, as well as operations research and implementation science studies.

Key Publications

How Do We Know if a Program Made a Difference? A Guide to Statistical Methods for Program Impact Evaluation

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