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Review of care and treatment center data in Tanzania. © 2022 Scott Isbrandt/Data for Impact

Ensure Data Quality

Effective decision making demands high-quality data. D4I prioritizes the use of sound data to improve program outcomes. To achieve this, D4I assists our partners in conducting data quality assessments (DQA), which provide a comprehensive overview of data quality limitations and enable individuals to better understand data use parameters. 

D4I specializes in assessing the quality of digital data systems and implementing robust automated data quality checks. In Tanzania, D4I is conducting a site-level monitoring activity with intensive quality assurance and quality improvements through site visits for tuberculosis, HIV, and reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health (RMNCAH). D4I strengthens the capacity of country ministries of health to implement DQAs independently and ensure adherence to data standards, privacy, and security.  

Key Publications

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