Advances in Solutions for Data Quality

Advances in Solutions for Data Quality
Abstract: For data to be useful to improve health outcomes, they must be trusted by data users and program planners. The first page of this brief presents a picture of the global context of data quality—past, present, and future. The second page offers links to data quality resources.

The infographic begins with the global goal for data quality. It then outlines the data quality situation in 2013; moves into the next five years, with a list of strategic approaches and progress made (“2014–2018 Advances”); and ends with recommendations of areas on which global players should focus to improve data quality (“Next”).

The resources on the second page are categorized by human resources, data use, gender, geospatial data, data quality assessment, digital data, and scale.
Shortname: gr-18-52
Author(s): Jim Thomas, David Boone
Year: 2018
Language: English
Filed under: Data, Data Quality