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Photo credit: D4I at the 2023 International Maternal Newborn Health Conference in South Africa. © 2023 Harriet Ruysen, LSHTM


Learning is a core value of D4I that enables coordination, communication, and collaboration to draw on the collective experience and expertise of our partners to achieve the highest-quality results. D4I’s opportunities include virtual and in-person idea exchange and shared learning. Our systems allow real-time reporting, progress updates, and information sharing. The project adapts to new information and changing contexts because D4I monitoring systems provide real-time data and ensure transparency and trust among partners.  

Shared learning helps D4I improve methods, use evidence for program and policy improvements, and improve how we strengthen capacity, so that countries may achieve sustainability and sustainable development.   

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We analyze information, visualize data, and gather and disseminate knowledge and best practices.

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