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New Data Review Room Opened within Moldova’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

Lessons Learned in Indicator Standardization

Moldova’s First Data Review Room in Ștefan Vodă

Helping Researchers Improve Health Outcomes: D4I’s How-To Videos on Advanced Data Analysis

D4I’s work in Moldova: Using data-informed decisions to protect at-risk children

Testing the Feasibility of Using Routine Health Information Systems and Population Data to Understand Contraceptive Supply and Demand in Malawi

The Roadmap to Developing a New Case Management Information System (CMIS) for Children in Armenia

Data and Capacity Strengthening: The First Step Towards Better Health Outcomes

My Experience Working at the Systems Level to Protect Children

Using Data to Advance Reform of the Child Care System: Lessons Learned in Uganda

Getting to the Use of Data to Promote Appropriate Care for Children

Strengthening Armenia’s child care and child protection system: Collaboration makes a difference

How Digital Data Can Help Safeguard the World’s Most Vulnerable Children

Taking a Long View: My Path to Becoming an Evaluation Professional

Ripple effect mapping helps optimize value of interventions

Leading with Local Experts Makes for Better Evaluation

Why Monitoring Project Level Outcomes Is Important for PEPFAR Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs

Weighing the options for evaluation data: Are routine health data enough?

Learning New Tricks

Thinking strategically about nutrition supports disease responses and more


D4I at the International Maternal Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) 2023 

Using Group-Based Trajectory and Prediction Modeling to Understand Under-Five Mortality

Data for Impact at HSR2020

Dr. Patrick Kayembe—A Public Health Giant; A Valued Colleague

Data for Impact to Publish Quarterly Monitor Newsletter

International Women’s Day Includes Health and Empowerment

D4I at the African Evaluation Association Conference 2019