Strengthen Local Capacity

Data for Impact (D4I) strengthens individual and organizational capacity in United States Agency for International Development (USAID) priority countries to generate and use data in multiple disciplines for program and policy decision making.

Our work -- Strengthen Capacity

We strengthen capacity tailored to the goals of the local partner, USAID mission, and budget. This practice was a hallmark of our parent award–MEASURE Evaluation–and is integral to our work. We conduct assessments, develop capacity strengthening plans, and monitor progress. We use a combination of experiential learning through collaborative implementation of evidence-generating activities, mentoring, and formal training and we link to networks and communities of practice.

We are committed to USAID’s strategy of supporting each country towards sustainability and sustainable development. This includes fostering a country’s ability to plan, finance, and implement solutions to address its own development challenges and supporting the technical capacity of individuals and organizations. We work to prepare local partners to become eligible to receive direct USAID funding.

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Find out about how we strengthen country capacity to establish and manage child protection and alternative care policies and programs.

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