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D4I is evaluating four USAID/Nigeria health, population, and nutrition (HPN) activities to compare the effectiveness of a comprehensive and integrated health programming approach versus a disease-focused approach.

D4I’s evaluation seeks to determine which approach—integrated or disease-focused—is more effective in improving health outcomes. It also seeks to understand how effectively the different activities collaborate and coordinate to achieve desired outcomes and to understand synergies among the different activities in the portfolio. Real-time evaluation with local partners will inform adaptive program implementation and support USAID/Nigeria’s investment strategy prioritization to improve health outcomes. 

USAID Nigeria Health, Population, and Nutrition (HPN) Multi-Activity Evaluation
The four HPN activities in the evaluation include Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria (BA-N), the Global Health Supply Chain Program Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM, henceforth PSM), the Integrated Health Program (IHP), and the President’s Malaria Initiative for States (PMI-S).
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Interactive Timeline

Providing a visual display of information, interactive timelines are designed for use by HPN activities, partners, stakeholders, USAID staff, and the evaluation team to make connections between HPN activities/events and facilitate engagement and collaboration in an ongoing process of data generation.

Click on links to Ebonyi, Kebbi, and Zamfara states to explore each interactive timeline.

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