Strengthening Kenyas Health Referral Systems

Strengthening Kenyas Health Referral Systems
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Strengthening Kenyas Health Referral Systems

One of the aims of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded MEASURE Evaluation PIMA (MEval-PIMA) Intermediary Result 2improving the availability and use of quality health information at national and subnational levelswas to strengthen the health referral systems in Kenya to ensure continuity and cost-effectiveness of care. MEval-PIMA worked with health sector stakeholders to address gaps in the referral system. Initially, this was a sector-wide approach using the World Health Organization (WHO) health systems building blocks. However, in MEval-PIMA Year 3, PEPFAR narrowed the projects focus to HIV linkages and referrals.

This brief provides an overview and lessons learned for strengthening Kenya's health referral systems.

Shortname: fs-18-324
Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation
Year: 2018
Language: English