Strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Kenya

Strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Kenya
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Strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Kenya

The strategic objective of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded MEASURE Evaluation PIMA (MEval-PIMA) was to build sustainable monitoring and evaluation(M&E) capacity for Kenyas overall healthcare system, by using evidence-based
decision making to improve the systems effectiveness. MEval-PIMA sought to do this through four main intermediary results. The objectives were to increase the availability of high-quality health information at the national and subnational levels, improve the capacity of Kenyas health information system (HIS) to make those data available to decision makers, and strengthen the national HIS. The initial assessments of the HIS found these three major challenges to achieving these objectives:

  • Absence of systematic and consistent implementation of processes and procedures to ensure clean and complete data at each tier of the healthcare system

  • Lack of tools, including guidelines, standards, and data collection forms

  • Limited demand for and use of information generated by these systems

MEval-PIMA set out to address these challenges and improve Kenyas HIS, by supporting four information systems: the community health information system (CHIS), the child protection information management system (CPIMS), the civil registration and vital statistics system (CRVSS), and the referral system (through referral system strengthening [RSS]).This brief focuses on the CRVSS strengthening efforts and performance.

Shortname: fs-18-323
Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation
Year: 2018
Language: English