Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Self-Assessment Monitoring (SAM) Tool

Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Self-Assessment Monitoring (SAM) Tool
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Abstract: Effective private sector engagement (PSE) is increasingly understood as critical to sustaining development outcomes. USAID maintains that “private enterprise is the single most powerful force for lifting lives, strengthening communities, and accelerating sustainable development.” Accordingly, USAID’s PSE Policy recognizes the importance of “engaging private sector entities early and gaining insight into their roles, motivations, and responses as market and system actors.” However, few resources exist to gauge the partnership process and inform PSE management strategies. Based on the Perceived Worth of Continued Engagement (PWCE) framework developed in 2021, the PSE Self-Assessment Monitoring (SAM) Tool helps fill this gap. It is designed for self-administration by partners engaged in development or humanitarian assistance activities or projects. Used at intervals over the life of a partnership, the tool forms part of a participatory, evidence-informed approach to PSE strengthening.
Shortname: TL-22-100
Author(s): Data for Impact
Year: 2024
Language: English