Gender-Integrated Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA+G) Tool

Gender-Integrated Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA+G) Tool
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Gender-Integrated Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA+G) Tool
Abstract: The gender-integrated routine data quality assessment (RDQA+G) tool is the newest addition to MEASURE Evaluations suite of capacity building and self-assessment tools that strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of public health interventions. The RDQA+G builds on the routine data quality assessment (RDQA) tools. It enables national programs or donor-funded projects to evaluate their own data quality with a special focus on gender data (including sex and age disaggregation), while continuing to improve reporting performance and prepare for data quality audits. The RDQA+G facilitates the identification of problem areas for selected indicators related to gender and data quality, and guides the creation of M&E system strengthening action plans. The RDQA+G is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that consists of a checklist and an automated dashboard to assist in interpreting assessment results. This zipped file includes the tool, a related user manual, and a report on a pilot test of the tool.

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Shortname: cl-19-027
Author(s): MEASURE Evaluation
Year: 2018
Language: English