Assessment of the VIVA Campaign

Assessment of the VIVA Campaign
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Citation: Blum, L., Worges, M., Wisniewski, J., & Hotchkiss, D. (2024). Assessment of the VIVA Campaign. Chapel Hill, NC, USA: Data for Impact.
Abstract: A primary objective of the USAID’s Integrated Health Program (USAID IHP) is to increase healthy behaviors and utilization of health services in the nine USAID IHP targeted provinces in the Eastern, Katanga, and Kasai regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Breakthrough ACTION (BA) developed a social and behavior change (SBC) approach to reduce barriers to care seeking in formal facilities and to motivate the adoption of essential household healthy practices (EHHP), particularly related to maternal and child health.

Starting in 2020, BA piloted the campaign called VIVA over a period of 18-months in eight health zones located across three provinces, Sud Kivu, Kasai Oriental, and Haut Katanga, targeted by USAID IHP. In FY22, VIVA 2.0 was transferred to USAID IHP for scale up in all nine of the project target provinces.

A Data for Impact (D4I) team used a mixed methods approach to carry out a performance evaluation of the VIVA campaign. The purpose of the evaluation was to describe the development and implementation of the VIVA community interventions and to assess changes in targeted behaviors. Study findings are intended to inform recommendations regarding modifications in the VIVA approach and scale up.
Shortname: TR-24-565
Author(s): Lauren Blum, Matt Worges, Janna Wisniewski, David Hotchkiss
Year: 2024
Language: English