Assessment of Journalist Training in Family Planning and Reproductive Health

Assessment of Journalist Training in Family Planning and Reproductive Health
Abstract: This is the final report of an assessment for trainings of journalists and youth advocates in family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) conducted by projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Population and Reproductive Health (PRH) 2014–2020. D4I assessed recent journalist trainings to better understand how future training initiatives should adapt to stay current within the continuously changing communication and media landscapes.

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) conducted most of the PRH-funded journalist trainings through their flagship Women’s Edition workshops and their Youth Multimedia trainings. ICF International also delivered PRH-funded journalist training under The Demographic and Health Surveys Program (DHS). Women’s Edition trainings targeted women journalists from all professional levels interested in covering health and development stories and representing diverse media in developing countries. Youth Multimedia trainings targeted youth advocates within youth-led organizations who were passionate about population dynamics and reproductive health. DHS trainings targeted journalists interested in reporting on DHS surveys.

This assessment aimed to provide programmatic recommendations based on a complete view of the trainings from the perspective of the implementing organizations and trainees.
Shortname: sr-21-153-d4i
Author(s): Data for Impact
Year: 2022
Language: English