Generate Evidence

Generating strong evidence for program and policy decision making was the foundation of MEASURE Evaluation and is a core mission of its associate award: Data for Impact (D4I).

We work with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) missions and other local partners to identify and prioritize information needs.

Our work -- Generate Evidence

We begin with a clear understanding of the question or research need, and tailor methods to the available budget, timeline, and context. We use available data when possible. Sources include routine and existing health data, surveys, and studies. To that we add nontraditional data, such as weather and satellite data, or data from other non-health sectors. For examples of using routine data in evaluations, see this suite of technical briefs.

Key Publications

When new data are needed or an evaluation is appropriate, we use innovative, rigorous, and efficient methods and tools. We conduct process, outcome, impact, and economic evaluations, plus operations research and implementation science studies.

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