Zamfara HPN Multi-Activity Evaluation Interactive Timeline

This timeline displays major policy and context changes that impacted the health care landscape, updates of the key health indicators, and health programming approaches implemented by three health, population, and nutrition (HPN) activities in Zamfara state.

Events presented in the timeline are categorized into five groups of information:

  • Contextual/policy changes features changes at the state or federal level in the form of policies, milestones, or changes that affect the operation of different initiatives taking place in the state.
  • Cross-activity engagement features any interaction or collaboration among the three health program activities (BA-N, PMI-S, and PSM).
  • Crosscutting issues and implementation progress records progress of different policies and initiatives that are being implemented or reports any updates on crosscutting issues.
  • USAID investments presents funding from USAID to create HPN programs or initiatives in the state.
  • Key indicators updates features any promising trends related to objectives or outcomes of interest.

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